Transfer Students

Transfer students are admitted on a space available basis into both the Basic Science and Clinical Medicine programs. Students must fulfill the same documentation requirements of a new student, including the following: 

  1. An original transcript(s) from the college(s) or university(s) previously attended
  2. A certification that the student was a registered in said school and an official copy of the coursework that was taken. 
  3. A written statement saying that the student has met all outstanding financial and academic obligations is also required from the institution.

ISMS does not support M.D. programs that do not reflect a solid program of traditional medical education. Therefore, our School will not accept applications from transfer students that have completed any portion of their M.D. program by distance learning or advanced standing credit. The above mentioned programs may seriously jeopardize a student's potential for medical licensure in the United States and other countries.

Students who wish to transfer directly into the Clinical Medicine program should provide documentation that they have successfully passed the USMLE, Step I or are currently registered for the USMLE.