Getting around campus and beyond

ISMS Parking and Transportation Services

Whether you are driving to ISMS or want to find a local bike shop, your best resource is Transportation Services. Visit for just about anything related to getting around in Panama.

La Chiva is ISMS’s free shuttle service that travels around campus, residential areas in Panama and to major shopping centers. The main shuttle lines traverse the campus Monday through Friday all year except on local holidays. La Chiva is free and open to students and staff —no ID required.

La Chiva


La Chiva Parrandera is a tradition that was born in our neighbor country, Colombia.  For years it has been a tradition for parties in Colombia, Panama, and most recently, New York City!

A High School bus is painted inside and out with yellow, blue and red -- the colors of the Colombian flag. The seats--upholstered with costal, a fabric used by Colombian farmers to transport their coffee grains--face inward so everyone faces each other. The dance floor is in the middle, lined with a few poles with rope for people to hold on to. As the bus travels around the city, the salsa, merengue, bachata, vallenato and reggeton music makes everyone stand and dance. A ball with colorful lights and light strips give the inside the ambience of a discotheque, with a DJ and a bar included!

But of course no parties in the "CHIVA" during classes!

The office of transpotation is open daily during University hours.