How to conduct an Interview

How to excel in a videoconference interview

Videoconference job interviews are a modern way for institutions to interview long-distance candidates using electronic resources. These meetings can be set up via an actual video camera transmission or an Internet-based connection.


Things you’ll need:

  • Computer with Internet access
  • Access to videoconferencing software or equipment

Get ready for the videoconference

  1. Step1

Take 15 minutes to test your equipment if you are conducting a computer-based internet conference.

  1. Step2

Arrive at least 20 minutes prior to a pre-arranged videoconference site.  

  1. Step3

Use the days before your videoconference to videotape yourself in a mock interview situation. You will be able to examine and correct awkward movements or gestures, facial expressions and poor body language.

Conduct your videoconference

  1. Step1

Log in early to your videoconference when possible. You should be alert and ready when your interviewer joins the conference.

  1. Step2

Speak slowly and end your sentences clearly. Because of technology limits, there may be a slight delay that can cause confusion if you tend to trail off at the end of your sentences.

  1. Step3

Present a professional appearance. Your dress should be appropriate. It should likely be business wear that includes a jacket, shirt and tie for men and a suit combination for women. Even if you think you will be sitting for the entire meeting, dress the part from head to toe.

  1. Step4

Choose a professional environment/background. The Institution sees the whole picture, not just your face, so you should not conduct a videoconference from your child's playroom. Instead, choose an office with professional decor.

Make an impression

  1. Step1

Ensure that your videoconference connection is completely switched off before making any comments about your interview. Poor post-interview conduct can undermine an otherwise successful interview!

  1. Step2

Make a lasting impression with a hand-written thank-you card that outlines your interest in the School and shows your appreciation for their time.