Financial Information

The International School of Medical Sciences aims to consistently maintain reasonable tuition rates, as to allow students from diverse economic backgrounds to attend medical school and achieve their career objectives. Tuition rates for the M.D. program at ISMS compare favorably to those offered by most state or federally supported institutions in the U.S. and Canada.

Following the notice of admission, students are required to pay a tuition deposit of $1,000.00 in order to guarantee a seat in the M.D. program. The remaining tuition amount is due forty-five  days prior to the beginning of the semester.

The top 3 outstanding students in the final trimester of the Basic Medical Sciences are awarded tuition scholarships for the Clinical Phase of the MD Degree Program.

In-house Financial Assistance is available through the Financial Aid Department of the University for qualified applicants.

Tuition and fees


Payable with submission of application. 

Processing fee.Non-refundable $85.00 

Acceptance deposit

$ 1000.00 Fees are required to guarantee a place in class. Will be credited to the tuition account.  

Basic Science Program


Basic Sciences 
$6,400.00 per trimester (16 weeks)
Clinical Sciences 
$7,250.00 per trimester(16 weeks)

Other educational expenses:

$100.00 deposit fee
Microscope slides/computer sets 
$ 150.00 deposit fee

Student Activity
$50.00 fee
Gross Anatomy Lab 
$200.00 fee
$350.00   fee
CPR Certification Fee  
$210.00/one time fee

Students are responsible for purchasing textbooks.  


Jackets, laboratory coats, and scrubs are the student’s responsibility. 

All tuition and fees incurred during the Basic Science program must be paid before the student is considered eligible to enter the Clinical Medicine program.

It is the student's responsibility and mandatory to have an active health insurance plan at all times, and Medical Student Liability insurance during the clinical rotation years. During their medical studies in Panama or in the USA. 

Tuition during the Clinical Medicine program will be billed in sixteen week intervals for a total of six consecutive trimesters. Unless the student is on an official "leave of absence," tuition must be paid on time in order for the student to remain in Clinical rotations.

All the tuitions and fees are listed in US currency and are subject to change. All tuitions and fees must be paid in US dollars; all checks must be drawn on US banks.

Additional fees may be charged for special services and/or features.

Indemnity/Malpractice Insurance during Clinical Rotations
All students are responsible for obtaining malpractice insurance prior to commencement of their clinical rotations. ISMS will assist students with information concerning insurance companies which provide this service.

Please note that the cost of malpractice insurance is not included in the tuition fees The cost usually is approximately US$ 1500 per year.

Health Insurance

Students must have health insurance while enrolled.

Living expenses for Basic Science program 


Dormitory rates for single occupancy are $400  per month, plus a security deposit of $200.00.

Food and transportation vary.

Food and transportation is in general inexpensive in Panama compared to other countries including USA.

Payment Methods

Students can pay tuition with many different payment methods:
  • Cash
  • Check
  • Cashier’s Check
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Wire Transfer
Students will receive a receipt for any payments made.
Tuition will be required to be paid in full before classes begin.