Visa Requirements

Student Visa Requirements

ISMS will assist the students and staff.

1. Power of Attorney (drafted by IGRA);   

2. Complete copy of passport;

3. Criminal record of the origin or residence country duly legalized by Apostille or by the Panamanian Consulate in the country issuing the document. On those countries where this document is not issued, the applicant shall submit a certification issued by a diplomatic or consular agent of his country of origin accredited in the Republic of Panama, whereby the non existence of such certificate is set forth; as well as an affidavit sworn before Notary Public stating that his has no criminal records; 

4. Health Certificate issued by a qualified professional of Panamanian nationality, within three months prior to the filing of this application;

5. Payment to the National Treasury of two hundred fifty dollars (US$250.00) in concept of fees for the application of a migratory category;

6. Sworn affidavit of personal records. (Form provided by IGRA);

7. Admission letter from the educational center;

8. Receipt, original or copy, of the enrollment payment;

9. Educational center certification stating the applicant particulars, degree duration, shift attended and the subjects or courses enrolled on, according to the Study Plan; 

10. Certification of the university, in the event that such degree may be exclusively taught at the night shift;

11. Evidence of economic solvency, which shall be verified by means of submission of any of the following requirements:

  • Document proving that the student is the grantee of a scholarship;
  • Financing proof;
  • Bank letter in favor of the applicant or the responsible person, stating a solvency consonant with the expenses that he should pay to cover the study and living costs; 
  • Authenticated certification of the applicant parents, stating that they take responsibility for the study expenses and relationship evidence (Birth Certificate, duly legalized by Apostille or by the Panamanian Consulate in the issuing country). 

12. In the event that the student has a sponsoring national resident, the sponsor must submit a letter that accredits the commitment to assume the expenses of education and its basic needs and a copy of the personal identity document; 

13. In the event that the applicant may be a minor, the following shall be submitted:

a) Birth certificate of the minor;

b) Copy of the personal identity certificate or valid immigration card of the person responsible in the Republic ofPanama.

14. Original passport of the applicant.

Entry/Exit requirements

U.S. citizens traveling by air to and from Panama must present a valid passport when entering or re-entering the United States. Sea travelers must have a valid U.S. passport (or other original proof of U.S. citizenship, such as a certified U.S. birth certificate with a government-issued photo ID). 

American citizens can visit or call 1-877-4USA-PPT (1-877-487-2778) for information on applying for a passport. 

Persons will generally not have problems bringing in items for personal use and gifts to Panama. Note that you may only bring two large suitcases and one carry-on luggage. Anything over the standard airline requirements will require airline extra payment.

Panamanian law requires that travelers must either purchase a tourist card at the airport in Panama before clearing customs, or obtain a multi-entry visa from a Panamanian embassy or consulate before traveling to Panama.

Further information may be obtained from the Embassy of Panama, 2862 McGill Terrace NW, Washington, DC 20009, tel. (202) 483-1407, or the Panamanian consulates in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Honolulu, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia, San Juan, San Diego, San Francisco or Tampa.

U.S. tourists are allowed to stay in Panama for 90 days.  To stay longer, tourists must pay $250.00 and apply for a “change of migratory status visa” through a Panamanian lawyer before the expiration of the 90 days in country (See the National Migration Service web site for explanations of types of visas and requirements).  Please note that the Panamanian Immigration Office has discretion in the approval of this change in status.

Entry requirements

U.S. citizens transiting the Panama Canal as passengers who do not plan on disembarking from the ship do not need to obtain visas, report to customs, or pay any fees. However, if they do plan to disembark they need to obtain a tourist card from the cruise line or a visa at a Panamanian embassy or consulate prior to traveling.

If they are piloting private craft or planes then they need to have a pre-stamped visa from a Panamanian Embassy or consulate, as do persons crossing into Panama by land.  U.S. citizens piloting private craft through the canal should contact the Panama Canal Authority at 011-507-272-1111 or consult the Canal Authority web site

Registration/US Embassy

Americans living or traveling in Panama are encouraged to register with the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate through the State Department’s travel registration web site so that they can obtain updated information on travel and security within Panama.  Americans without Internet access may register directly with the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate.  By registering, American citizens make it easier for the embassy or consulate to contact them in case of emergency.   

The U.S. Embassy is located at Avenida Demetrio Basilio Lakas, Building No.783, in the Clayton neighborhood of Panama City. Its international mailing address is: Apartado 0816-02561,  Panama-0816, Republic of Panama. 

The U.S. mailing address is:

U.S. Embassy Panama, Department of State, Washington, DC 20521-9100.

The Panamanian Embassy phone numbers are:


For after-hours emergencies


Consular Section



011-507-207-7278 / 011-507-207-7303

You may send the Embassy inquiries by e-mail.