Application Procedure

At International School of Medical Sciences, our admissions advisor team is available to assist you and respond to any concerns quickly and efficiently.

Application forms are availabe on line.

There is no deadline for applying to ISMS due to its rolling admissions policy. However, prospective students should plan on completing their application 5 months prior to the Trimester they wish to enroll in. Trimesters begin every September, January, and May.
To apply for admission to ISMS, prospective students must submit the following items:
  1. A completed application form available on line or in a PDF Format.
  2. A recent color photo ( 2" x 2").
  3. A non-refundable Application Fee of U.S. $85 payable to International School of Medical Sciences ISMS.
  4. A brief personal essay regarding an applicant's medical career expectations typed on one letter-sized page (8½ x 11). In concise terms, applicants should summarize the development of their interest in medicine, their goals in pursuing a medical career, and personal attributes that qualify them to be a physician. They must also briefly describe the skills and values they believe a physician should possess in order to practice medicine in the 21st century. Lastly, they must summarize how their experiences to date demonstrate an acquisition and possession of those skills and values. Essays should be limited to 750 words.
  5. A chronological listing of educational, employment , and volunteer experience history since graduation from high school typed on one letter-sized page (8½ x 11).
  6. For university applicants, official letters from a Pre-Medical Advisory Committee are strongly recommended, however, we will accept a minimum of 2 letters from individual science professors who have taught the applicant. Additional letters of recommendation from professors or employers with details of previous medical experience will be accepted to further support the applicant’s candidacy to medical school. These letters must appear on original letterhead stationery and be directly sent from the individual offering the recommendation.
  7. Transfer applicants who have attended another medical school must also provide a Dean’s letter from each previously attended medical school, together with 2 letters of recommendation from members of the medical school faculty, as part of the application requirements. In addition, if the applicant has taken the USMLE, an official score must be sent directly from the ECFMG.
  8. Official transcripts must be sent to Registrar's Office directly from the college registrar in an official sealed envelope. For foreign schools, notarized copies of the original transcripts may be directed to the Registrar's Office when official transcripts are not readily available. However, official transcripts must follow the notarized copies prior to enrollment.
  9. All foreign transcripts must be evaluated by the World Education Services, Inc. (WES), or another accredited evaluation organization.
  10. MCAT scores are required for admission to ISMS and must be taken within the last 5 years.
  11. OFICIAL MCAT INFORMATION :MCAT scores are verified using our verification

    Students can use the Testing History Report System to send a score.  They
    must choose the option to "create and print my own official score report."
    A student can then mail this report to the institution. The report includes
    a Verification Code that the schools will use to confirm your scores. All
    of these services through the online Testing History (THx) Report System
    are free and can be accessed online at

    Please note that we do not mail paper copies of MCAT scores from exams
    taken after 1990.

  12. For MCAT testing information, please contact the MCAT Care Team, Association of American Medical Colleges, Section for Applicant Assessment Services, 2450 N St., NW Washington, DC 20037, or call 202-828-0690.
  13. Official name change documentation, if applicable, may also be required.
  14. The person should fill out the rest of the information and send via e-mail to Ivonne Fitzgerald, Executive Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, at or telephone:  (504) 298-1010.

Note: All documents forwarded to ISMS become School property.