Friday, June 24, 2011


ISMS Curriculum, allows integrating patients and hospital rotations into the basic medical sciences program for first trimester students, making us the only School in the Caribbean region that offers a comparable curriculum.

We are committed to maintaining a maximum of 100 students per class.

Our unique system of bringing patients to our campus, offers students exclusive training with, Problem-Base-Medical Integration and Correlation classes by our staff.   We offer early clinical experience in the best hospitals of Panama which will give the students unique clinical exposure. 

During the first trimester of training our students learn how to prepare medical history files and documentation, exposing them to a variety of real life medical challenges, with patients of all ages. 

Autopsies are part of our pathology courses.

 ISMS is preparing to receive its first class of students  

The Medical School will be providing instruction in English to students around the world.

The school has a superb core of professors who not only has training in the best schools in the US, EUROPE AND LATIN AMERICA but is ready to help and orient the students in progressing to be excellent physicians. Our core values, as well as the early introduction to clinical sciences in the first year, put our school ahead of many.

We have partnered with Kaplan Medical to provide free and daily access to all their resources. For many of these resources they have written comprehensive explanations, including discussions of why the right answers are right and why all the distracters are wrong. These aids make for a better understanding of the USMLE tests.

Panama is an ideal place to live and study in a friendly country with all the most modern facilities in the area.

Panama has always been a center of Latin America, a stable Democracy that has elected as its new president a very successful businessman who will steer the stable economy forward and forge a new pathway for the Panama Canal.