ISMS Advantages

U.S. medical schools, with their limited number of available positions, actually prevent many capable candidates from attending. Perhaps the greatest benefit our school offers is that qualified students, who show the determination and dedication to successfully complete the rigors of a superb medical education, get the chance to attend medical school and become physicians.


 ISMS offers a premium medical education, exceeding US medical school preparation standards, at a fraction of the cost.The primary purpose is teaching, including providing research opportunities for students; thus tuition can be held to a reasonable level, as opposed to U.S. medical schools where tuition includes a significant overhead expense that does not necessarily benefit the student.


  US Medical Schools ISMS Caribean Medical Schools
Students eligible for USMLE Yes Yes Yes
USMLE prep courses provided Depends1 Yes2 Some
USMLE prep course costs $3,000-$5,000 extra No extra charge $3,000-$5,000 extra
4-year education cost (excluding room and board) More Less More or equal
4-year room & board More Less More or equal
Out of hurricane and tornado zone Some Yes No
Total Cost More Less More or equal

1Most US schools do not specifically prepare students for USMLE.

2ISMS has partnered with Kaplan to provide USMLE preparation.