Teaching Methods

Traditional Teaching
The lecture format is used to teach basic science content with class groups. Audio visual tools are a key element utilized with this traditional teaching method. The ISMS lecture halls are designed to provide students with maximum viewing access to all audio visual content.
Problem-Based Evidence-Medicine Learning
Problem-based learning utilizes small group settings where students work collaboratively to integrate clinical based discussions with basic science knowledge. Students have the opportunity to apply critical and analytical thinking skills as they address simulated clinical situations. The small group settings give students maximum interaction with their peers and with the faculty in a supportive environment.
Clinical Experiences
During the ISMS Basic Science program, students have access to a variety of clinical settings, including community health centers and local hospitals. 
A tutoring program is available for students requiring additional support on a given topic.
Individual Learning
Students are required to bring a laptop/netbook computer to a variety of classes including histology and pathology. Students can access online resources from the Library and Learning ResourceCenter, via a wireless environment on campus, or at home by cable modem or WIFI available in Panama City.
ISMS administer subject area exams, in addition to comprehensive board preparatory exams, during the entire course of the Basic Medical Sciences program, which are fundamental in preparing the student for the USMLE Step One test.