Out of the hurricane belt

Typical path of hurricanes in the Caribbean


Powerful hurricanes frequently devastate areas of the United States and Caribbean countries.  Hurricanes usually begin in Africa and follow similar patterns to the US, the Caribbean, and the Gulf of Mexico.

Panama is out of the Hurricane belt due to its strategic location between North and South America, which protects the country from hurricanes by shielding it; no proper hurricanes have been seen in Panama. For this reason, Panama City is a major airline and ship debarkation point in the region.



This satellite picture of hurricane Ivan shows how Panama's location helps shelter it from hurricanes:

Hurricane Ivan - satellite picture

Another view of hurricane Ivan:

Hurricane Ivan - satellite view

This chart from the NOAA coastal service shows:
Caribbean hurricane history since 1851
(each colored line marks the path of a hurricane):
Path of hurricanes since 1851


In addition, Panama does not have any volcanic activity.