Frequently Asked Questions - About ISMS

Even though ISMS was recently established, all its faculty professors and academic staff are top professionals in their field and possess years of academic experience.

The Campus is located in Panama City, Panama, in a building in Panama Pacifico neighborhood.

Panama is a country located in Central America, populated by friendly people. Its climate is delightfully tropical, with beautiful landscapes that include rain forests, beaches in the Caribbean and the Pacific oceans and mountains. Panama City is a true melting pot and a very cosmopolitan and modern place. Panama has a democratic government and its main currency is the US Dollar.

Panama has a broad scope of medical facilities with excellent specialists. Most of these facilities will work closely with ISMS to train its students in clinical settings, as well as to treat any student, faculty, or staff that may become ill during their stay in Panama.

ISMS has a strategic alliance with the Centro Médico Paitilla, one of the most respected hospital and private clinic institutions in the country.

Spanish is the official language, but English is fluently spoken by many Panamanians, especially in the service industry.

Yes, you can enter the country with a tourist visa but in order to start at the university you must obtain a student visa. In order to do so, you may apply as instructed in the Visa Requirements page.

The ISMS Campus is has all the amenities, security, space, tranquility any medical student may need or require.