Entrance Requirements

Pre-Medical Requirements

The following courses are considered standard pre-medical requirements for ISMS admission.  

  • INORGANIC CHEMISTRY - 1 academic year (including lab work)
  • ORGANIC CHEMISTRY    - 1 academic year (including lab work)
  • GENERAL BIOLOGY        - 1 academic year (including lab work)
  • MATHEMATICS - (Physics) Completion of at least one (1) mathematics college level course is required.
  • ENGLISH - Sufficient credits for verbal and written proficiency.

Applicants should consider volunteering at a local clinic or hospital to gain practical experience in medical sciences. A well-rounded sampling of extra-curricular activities or work experiences, both related and unrelated to medicine, will help broaden an applicant's knowledge and development.

Students interested in medicine are encouraged to research the wide variety of jobs available in the health professions, to discuss the demands and nature of the vocation with an   advisor or health professional, and to ask a lot of questions before embarking on the application process.

ISMS accepts students from many fields of study, and values a broad basic education as an important tool in developing a comprehensive, compassionate and caring approach to medicine. For this purpose, our school encourages students to complete courses in sciences, arts, philosophy, literature and humanities.

All classes are given in English at ISMS, so we strongly recommend that all applicants be fluent English speakers, on a conversational level at least. Applicants whose native language is not English are required to take the TOEFL test.

Post Graduate Students that do not meet the pre-medical requirements may complete their chemistry and science prerequisites through the ISMS Pre-Medical Program. 

ISMS also encourages applications to the basic science areas from individuals with advanced degrees, either graduate or doctoral (PHD). 


Each applicant will be evaluated on an individual basis.