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Clinical Program
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After the completion of the Basic Sciences program, students are ready to begin the Clinical Program. The clinical on site component is benefitted by a combined program that involves ISMS and several United States and affiliated hospitals. 

During this part of the training, students will spend two years rotating through different medical specialties in various United States and affiliated hospitals. They will be working directly with physicians, residents and different medical staff, writing medical histories, doing physical exams, assisting in surgical, gynecologic and obstetrics procedures, and working with patients of all age groups.

The Clinical Program is divided into forty-six weeks of mandatory rotations and twenty-six weeks of elective rotations. During mandatory rotations students will alternate in the internal medicine, pediatrics, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, psychiatrics and family medicine services of the aforementioned hospitals. Elective rotations may be in different subspecialties, according to the student's personal interest.

Core clerkships, year 3 (40 credits)

Internal Medicine 8 weeks
General Surgery 6 weeks
Pediatrics 8 weeks
Obstetrics and Gynecology 6 weeks
Family Practice and Primary Care 4 weeks
Neurological Sciences, Neurology 4 weeks
Psychiatry 6 weeks

Required clerkships, year 3 or 4 (10 credits)

Anesthesia 2 weeks
Radiology 2 weeks

Year 4 requirements (40 credits)

Medicine II 4 weeks
Surgery II 6 weeks
Pediatrics II 4 weeks
Ob-Gyn II 6 weeks
Family practice and Primary care 6 weeks
 Electives Preceptorship  
Electives Preceptorship 12 weeks


Highly recommended electives include:          
·          Emergency Medicine
·          Family Medicine
·          Pathology
·          Cardiology
·          Intensive Care Medicine
·          Anesthesiology
·          Urology
·          ENT
·          Dermatology 
·          Radiology
·          Vascular Surgery
·          Plastic Surgery
·          Ophthalmology
·          Public Health
The remaining electives are selected at each student's discretion based on interest and availability.

        Degrees are conferred in January, May and August. Calendar dates are subject to change without notice.