Basic Sciences - First Trimester

Orientation and History of Medicine 1
Human Anatomy 5 7
Histology and Molecular Biology 5 6
Prenatal Development and Biology of Reproduction 2 2
Basic Human Genetics 2


Medical Interview and Proper Medical Documentation 1
Principles of Patient / Doctor Relationship 1 0
TOTAL: Hours, Credits 17 9 20


Course Descriptions

Orientation and History of Medicine

A student in ISMS will find our philosophy to be a well rounded comprehensive medical education.

A solid core of basic sciences will provide the student a great foundation to manage difficult problems in medicine;

and the exposure to clinical problems early in their studies, will allow the student to care for the sick, with understanding and compassion, giving our students an advantage in their training.

Different professionals guide our students in the understanding  of the variety and vast horizon that medicine has to offer.



Human Anatomy

Students will acquire knowledge of the anatomical basics of clinical medicine, through hands-on exposure and lectures. Computerized Interactive Anatomy models with CT correlation and MRI is the core of this course. Students work in small groups observing cadavers disected  by regions. Emphasis is made in clinical application of anatomy.


Histology and Molecular Biology

The course explores the essential principles of normal cell structure and functions and explores how the cells in an organism differentiate and specialize to perform specific tasks. It presents the microscopic morphology of the human body's organ systems in a systematic manner.


Prenatal Development and Biology of Reproduction

The essentials of clinically relevant aspects of prenatal development are revised; students will be able to learn the causes and implications of a variety of congenital abnormalities, after they learn and understand the basic principles of embryogenesis.


Basic Human Genetics

The course will provide the students with an understanding of the principles and concepts of inherited disorders. The relationships of molecular gene alterations to gene expression and variable phenotypes are studied. Lectures also cover the genetics of human populations and ongoing discoveries and research in molecular biology.


Medical Interview and Proper Documentation

History and medical documentation is primordial in this  class. The introduction to a well step by step documented medical chart is emphasized.   The student will have the opportunity of getting acquainted with the different forms of clinically relevant, well done, medical records of the most common illnesses.  An introduction to computerized medical records will also be included. 


Principles of Patient / Doctor Relationship

Principles of  the basic foundation of medicine, The Patient-Doctor relationship, is emphasized in all it aspects, patients, actors and demonstrations are used to give a comprehensive and easy understanding of the importance of good Doctor-Patient relation.