Application Overview

The International School of Medical Sciences encourages applications from students who are dedicated, enthusiastic, and well-suited for the rigorous study of medicine. Students are also expected to have a mature sense of values and sound goals for pursuing a career in medicine.

Prospective ISMS alumni must have a solid pre-medical undergraduate education with the appropriate science courses. The School accepts students from various educational and geographical backgrounds, with the belief that such a diverse student body can only enrich the overall educational experience.

The ISMS Committee and Dean screen prospective applicants for admission without discrimination of any kind, and are committed in helping students determine if our School provides the best educational experience to match their personal needs and goals.

The School admits a limited number of students, three times per year, on January, May, and August/September. Students may apply for admission at any time throughout the year.  Those that apply well in advance will have a greater chance of enrolling in the trimester of their choice.

Within two weeks after the application has been received, the Admissions Officer will schedule a telephone conference or a videoconference interview between the Admissions Committee and the applicant. Because the Admissions Officer cannot schedule an interview until all the admission materials are received, please be sure to submit all the required information. The Admissions Committee will evaluate the candidate based on comprehensive criteria.

Required documents for admission

  • A thoroughly completed application form.
  • TOEFL scores, if applicable.
  • Official transcripts from each college/university attended.
  • Official MCAT scores.
  • Two letters of recommendation (at least one should be from an individual capable of assessing your academic ability), or a pre-medical advisory committee report.
  • Two 2" X 2" sized color photographs. 
  • Non-refundable $85.00 processing fee.

Additional Documents

  • A certificate of good health and a vaccination chart.
  • Police record from a Police Department of your country of origin.
  • Copy of your birth certificate.
  • Valid passport.

Following the interview, students will be notified of their admission status within 14 days. After receiving a letter of acceptance from ISMS, students will be required to acknowledge their candidacy within 30 days and submit a tuition deposit of US$ 1000.00 to secure a position in the MD program. The deposit is deducted from the total amount of the tuition charge. The remainder of the tuition and fees are due forty-five days prior to the beginning of the trimester in which admission has been granted. A refund schedule is printed under the Financial Information section.

Even though ISMS is an English speaking school, students or graduates of any accredited college or university in the world are invited to apply. In addition, ISMS maintains a complete open door policy and encourages anyone to visit the campus at any time.

Although most applicants will have completed an undergraduate degree or equivalent prior to entering ISMS, students who have demonstrated a high level of academic achievement, mature personal qualities and good interpersonal skills may be admitted after three years (90 semester hours) of undergraduate coursework.

The Admissions Committee aims for an international student body and is open to accept people from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Although an English translation of credits may be required, students from all countries can be assured of equal consideration for admission.

For additional information please contact via e-mail Ivonne Fitzgerald, Executive Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, at or telephone:  (504) 298-1010