About ISMS

About ISMS

International School of Medical Sciences (ISMS) is a Medical School dedicated to the training of physicians, allowing students to thrive in their education and fulfill their potential in the field of medicine. Our medical studies program is aimed to educate doctors by applying the best American and international medical standards and curriculums available.

ISMS offers university level classes in English and is dedicated to the development of professional physicians, preparing graduates to work on becoming qualified doctors in the United States. The ethical values and educational foundation ISMS provides its alumni allows them to practice medicine in the US and other countries, while helping them obtain coveted staff positions in American hospitals.

The professionalism we teach at ISMS gives our graduates the opportunity to compete for the best medical practices and specialties all over the world.

Model integrated curriculum

For several years,  U.S. medical schools have been moving away from solely didactic learning to a curriculum in which hospital clinical experience is incorporated into basic science studies.


ISMS curriculum, allows integrating patients and hospital rotations into the basic medical sciences program for first trimester students, making us the only school in the Caribbean,& latinoamerican region that offers a comparable curriculum.

We are committed to maintaining a maximum of 100 students per class.

Our unique system of bringing patients to our campus, offers students exclusive training with, Problem-Base-Medical Integration and Correlation classes by our staff.   We offer early clinical experience in the best hospitals of Panama which will give the students unique clinical exposure. 

During the first trimester of training our students learn how to prepare medical history files and documentation, exposing them to a variety of real life medical challenges, with patients of all ages. 

Autopsies are part of our pathology courses. 

A medical program must be at least 32 months in duration in order for international medical   school graduates to be eligible for licensure in the various states. 

Students who attend schools that provide a medical education through distance learning are not eligible for licensure in the U.S.   

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